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Charlotte School of Law offers an LL.M. in American Legal Studies for foreign lawyers who have already received a primary law degree from universities in their home countries. Charlotte School of Law understands that the practice of law, like so many other aspects of our community, is becoming increasingly global.  The LL.M. in American Legal Studies recognizes this trend and is designed to provide legal education for foreign law graduates who seek to gain a deeper understanding of U.S. law.

Charlotte School of Law LL.M. Program provides you with the unique opportunity to choose between two very distinct educational tracks. The New York Track, with course curriculum designed to support content tested on the New York Bar Exam and the Flexible Track, a scholarly track geared for students that wish to personalize their learning about the American legal system and use that knowledge to create a publishable work.  Our program of study is grounded in practice-ready learning. Not only do we have a broad array of clinics and internships, the entire academic program revolves around real-world practice so that our students can hit the ground running after graduation. We also offer scholarships to students based on their credentials and previous experience.

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Listen to Charlotte School of Law's recent webinar "5 Things to Consider: Obtaining Your LL.M. in the U.S." learn more about finding and applying for the LL.M. program that is right for you!

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