Student studying for his bar exam.

Assisting our graduates in passing the bar exam

Assisting Charlotte School of Law graduates in passing the bar exam is of vital importance to our Charlotte School of Law community. Beginning with first year orientation and continuing throughout our students' entire law school careers, our faculty and staff offer several programs and activities to help each student pass the bar exam in their state.

CharlotteLaw Bar Preparation Resources

CharlotteLaw offers three for-credit bar prep courses during a student's final semester at the law school - North Carolina Distinctions, South Carolina Distinctions, and MBE Strategies.

North Carolinas Distinctions and South Carolina Distinctions are two-credit hour courses designed to assist students in further developing the skills necessary to succeed on the bar exam while simultaneously introducing students to substantive material that is unique to North Carolina and South Carolina, respectively. Additionally, the courses reviews substantive material that has historically been frequently tested on the bar exam. Throughout the course, students are presented with majority substantive legal rules and the corresponding state-specific legal distinctions.

MBE Strategies is a two-credit hour course that provides students with an intensive substantive review of selected legal material frequently tested on the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE). The course includes coverage of the areas of Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law and Procedure, Evidence, Property, and Torts. Through the use of problems and exercises in the MBE format, students are able to become familiar with techniques for answering multiple choice questions similar to those that appear on the MBE.

In addition to the courses outlined above, the Student Success Team provides post-graduation bar review programming that supplements commercial bar review courses and consists of several important components. The programming includes bar coaching, essay workshops, and on-site bar examination support in North and South Carolina.

North Carolina Bar Passage Rates

Exam Date First Time Bar Passage Rate State Average Rate
July 2009 67.3% 80.63%
Feb. 2010 73.3% 68.86%
July 2010 87.0% 79.8%
Feb. 2011 75.0% 72.3%
July 2011 78.79% 82.19%
Feb. 2012 53.13% 60.24%
July 2012 68.22% 78.76%
Feb. 2013 69.8% 62.4%
July 2013 57.8% 71.01%
Feb. 2014 60.0% 64.15%
Jul. 2014 55.98% 70.64%



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