A competitive application process will be employed to identify and select participants for the Small Practice Center. Participants will be selected from an applicant pool for up to a twenty-four (24) month occupancy in the Small Practice Center.

Applicants will be selected to participate on a rolling basis to create a revolving occupancy between newly admitted and more experienced attorneys.  In this way newly admitted attorneys will avoid the isolation that most solo practitioners experience, and enjoy proximity to others in similar circumstances who can impart lessons learned.

To apply to the Small Practice Center please submit an electronic copy of the following to smallpracticecenter@charlottelaw.edu:
  1. Completed application
  2. Current resume
  3. Letters of reference
  4. Current membership in [or evidence of application to] the North Carolina Bar
  5. Current policy of [or evidence of application for] professional malpractice insurance with coverage comparable to that of prudent practitioners in similar areas of practice
  6. Business plan incorporating an executive summary, market analysis, description of the proposed law practice, marketing strategy, and budget
  7. Personal statement explaining your reasons for pursuing a solo practice, the benefits expected from the Small Practice Center, and a compelling justification for acceptance


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